May 24, 2011

Break ke baad!

For the past few weeks there were things which needed atmost attention and that caused my absence in the blogging world. But I tried my best to read the updates of my fellow bloggers.

Time being the best tutor teaches us valuable lessons of life. It has taught me to take life as it comes. I know I sound like a sanyasi type. But that is the fact..right? So here I am back with a new vigour and newer perspective of life.

Moving from the gyan,  the weather has become quite chilly here. What more can I expect in winter. Planning to start the long forgotton excerise in next  few weeks. Have a goal in my mind and wish to achieve it. So wish me good luck ;) One good thing about winter is skiing. After experienced my first snow in Chicago in 2009, I am longing to go to the Mt Buller which is 3-4 hours drive and indulge in the traditional winter time activity.
Note to self: Plan a trip with hubby soon!!!

Might sound absurd, but risotto has become one of my recent time favourites! Yes, thanks to hubby I am just loving it which used to be a strict NO-NO previously. The version I like it is with sweet potato, spinach and parsley. Yet to try with mushroom and peas. Passionfruit is another liking I have recently developed. I simply loved the crepes with passionfruit curd which hubby made for dinner is always fun, isn't it???
While talking about food, Masterchief Australia has been our daily-after-work-entertaintment at home.

I wish my sister and nieces who are reaching Chennai tomorrow a super-duper summer vacation with appa/amma. I shall certainly miss being with them but you know how international travel works. Planning and booking tickets alteast 3-4 months prior, asking for leave at work etc etc. Though I have not fully closed the door, they don't seem to be widely open either!

After a long time watched few new movies, Vaanam, Ko, Payanam and Shor in the city. Now don't picture me as a movie buff, watched it over a period of few weeks.

Super Short Reviews:
Vaanam:  Similar concept like Dus Kahaniyaan, nice Santhanam comedy
Ko: Good movie though the actress wasn't appealing, like the song "Yennamo edho"
Payanam: A must watch movie, no unwanted romance, stunt etc
Shor in the city: Very different movie, good concept, expectated lot more from Sendhil Ramamurthy

So how have you guys been? I would love to know.

P.S: sanyasi: saint