July 28, 2010

My sins against gender stereotypes

I know that it has been quite sometime since Banu tagged me. Not that it has vanished from my memory, but I have been waiting for the right-feel-moment to write this post, for I find it pretty interesting. Meanwhile this unknown guilt factor has made me write this post and delay no further. 
( Note to self: Need to post a sequel for the housewarming party after taking pictures of the house. )      

As per this tag - I need to list at least 10 things that I have ever wanted or done which my gender is not supposed to.

First of all, I am not very comfortable with not-supposed-to-do logic. I feel that this kind of notion is affected and determined by society for the most part of it. Any child by birth doesn't know what he/she is entitled to do and not. It's the people around them who form the boundaries and they need to follow them to lead a hassle free life. I am no feminist and at the same time can't stand male chauvinism. There has always been times when the ques WHYs and WHY NOTs have arisen in my mind and where else other than my blog can be an ideal place to pen them down!

1. Is it possible to practise payyan paakum padalam ?!? he..he..;)

2. Always wanted to stroll alone along the streets late in the night counting the stars, listening to the nocturnal birds and admire night life!

3.  Want it to be less-a-burden and more-a-fun opening the wardrobe and choosing clothes to wear in the morning

4. Happy to have inculcated more interest in soccer and F1 car race 

5. Wondered how men have conquered the skill of shrinking shopping time to just few min where I end up spending days...please please don't mistake, I still love shopping ;)

6. Wish had more interest in electronic gadgets and politics

7. When I was in school, it was considered not-a-lakshanam for girls to stand near the street corners and talk with friends

8. Wished to get back to hostel well after roll call time (say 10 pm), walk right-royally through the entrance and smirk at the guard

9. Tempted to slap those perverts who lean-pull-push you in the bus under the pretense of over crowd or jolter of the bus

10. If I could give good (in fact massive) piece of my mind to those "Street Romeos" who utter and do all nonsense just to attract you

Well having said all these, I am not unsatisfied even a bit for how I have been brought up and living till this day of my life. Kudos to my family!!!

Now for the fun part - tagging! I am more than eager to read the versions of you guys.

My hubby
Vivek Raj

See you soon :)

P.S: lakshanam: characteristics
payyan paakum padalam: boy seeing/watching ritual instead of the usual girl seeing/watching process when looking for alliance

July 8, 2010

Housewarming Party

After a great ordeal my hubby and I have setup the house and it's now fit to visit. On that note we are organising a small house warming party for our friends here this coming Saturday(10th July) from 4 pm onwards. It's basically a potluck and I am very much looking forward to it since this shall be the first potluck we are organising here.

We have kind of sorted out dishes that we shall be serving. I am keeping my fingers, toes everything crossed so that they all come out well. Usually my hubby as been the scapegoat for the dishes I make, but I cannot take that risk with the guests...;) Anyway I shall update you with the photos after the party.

I cordially invite you all for the same and looking forward to see you on Saturday at my place.

Have a nice rest of the week!