June 22, 2010


What a weekend was it!!! We both were busy as bee. As you can guess from the title we have shifted to a new rental house from the previous apartment (I get your point..Gruhapravesam is mostly done for once own house, but still we are looking at this as one more step nearer to that!!!). While living in the apartment, we felt the need of a bigger and quieter house and hence the shift.

For those who have shifted before might know how tedious this job is. It needs so much of planning and time management. We had organised the moving for yesterday (Monday) since the movers charged ridiculously lot for the weekends. We were not able to do much of packing during weekdays so we did the major part of it last Saturday and Sunday. Music and football entertained us mainly then.

Yesterday (21st June '10) morning we vacated our earlier apartment and moved to the new house. It has been painted all over and cleaned very well. It's a very spacious and well maintained house. We are in the process of unpacking and have almost finished setting up the kitchen and bathroom stuff. Remaining shall be done gradually.

We are very happy in our new place and cordially invite you all for the gruhapravesam for which the date and time shall be informed very soon. Watch out for this space!

I shall also upload photos of the house once we get rid of the cardboard boxes and butcher papers...lol..;)

Have a nice week.

June 18, 2010

WE, the couple turn 1

Anything which occurs for the first time is quite special like 1st birthday, 1st day at school/college/work etc etc. One such red letter day is 1st wedding anniversary. My hubby and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary on 14th last week.

Mangalya dharanam (an year ago)

Being a special day we wanted to make it memorable. Since 14th fell on monday and poor hubby had to work due to unavoidable circumstances, we planned to celebrate in advance during the weekend. To start with on Saturday morning we went to Vakrathunda Vinayaka temple to give a religious start. We hadn't been to this temple before since it's quite far and it proved worth the visit.

After lunch, we left for city were we had planned to spend the rest of the day. Crown Casino was the first pit stop. Wow what do I say, how do I describe, visiting a casino for the first time, I was enthralled by the crowd, activity and craziness. It was buzzing!!! Majority of games played were slots machine, poker, blackjack, wheel of fortune, roulette, baccarat and casino war. Apart from the games, there were 5 star restaurants, pro poker, free live entertainment, branded shops, cafes, cinema theatres etc etc.

Having come to a casino, I wanted to try my hands on few simple games which didn't need much of thinking and strategy. So I bet a small amount on the wheel of fortune. Not much to my surprise, I lost..;-) But it was real fun to see how people were crazy and spending money like they were worthless!!! To my surprise most of those crazy people were 50+ (esp asians!!!), GOK from where they get to spend SO much money! Anyway I am no way unsatisfied because I have so common-sense and self control. We we just stopped with few tries. We walked through the entire complex and nice time seeing a place so eventful!!!

From there we went to the Langham hotel were we had booked table for a buffet dinner. OMG it was food and food and only food everywhere. I am not exaggerating but the food was so tasty and delicious that we didn't know what to eat and which to leave. Thankfully being a vegetarian I was not disappointed because I made it to the money we paid! After a gluttonous meal, we managed ourselves to get back to the car park and drove home. It was a feast for the senses!!!

On Sunday, as you might guess we woke up a bit late after a godly dinner. We then left for our usual temple, Shiva Vishnu which was quite pleasant. From there we drove to Madras Banyan Tree, an exotic South Indian restaurant for dinner. Needless to say we had a wonderful dinner and called it a day.

On 14th, the hubby went to office and I wanted to surprise him by the time he returns. So I made his favourite Pal payasam and also baked a Chocolate Swirl cake. The cake is not too fancy since I used a cake mix. I made him cut the cake and it came out so tasty and moist that both of us could not stop eating..;) 
He being the expert of Pal payasam certified my preparation was up to the mark. Hurray!

For dinner I prepared the Stir-fried eggplant with home-made chilli sauce which my hubby asked me to prepare for quite sometime. For me who is not much comfortable cooking non-Indian dishes, it was a success as well.

Thus we had a quite relaxing and also eventful anniversary and needless to say I enjoyed every moment of it. It's a day to remember throughout my lifetime and I shall cherish every moment of it.  

Note: Mangalya dharanam: Tying of the nuptial

June 3, 2010

Jam packed June!!!

We have a lot of things coming up this June.

The most important is our 1st Anniversary! It's quite hard for us to believe that we are going to complete our 1st year of married life..hurray..;) Lot of my friends who got married more or less the same time say that 1st year just flies and its TRUE!!! It just feels like I bid good bye to my parents with tears filled eyes at the airport and flew to Melbourne and in a blink it's going to be 1 year..OMG!
Touch wood, we celebrate many more such anniversaries happily...:)
We are in the process of planning our anniversary celebrations and look for a blog once its over.
By the way its on 14th June..;)

Another important task is shifting to a new rental house. We shall be moving to a bigger unit in few weeks time. The house shall be in the same locality, a bit to the south. But it's still near to work, station and market. Needless to say how much of planning goes into this task. Thankfully we haven't gone to that stage which would need 3-4 shuttling of the truck. We have managed to control things we have been buying all this while and hope it's not that tough a job. We are in the process of contacting mini movers and deciding upon buying appliances for our new house (since our present house came with all appliances). All these stuff needs to be done in next 3 weeks.

Besides all this it's FOOTBALL time!!! We need to somehow make time to watch the World Cup matches.
Any guesses who will be this year's champion???

Ufff...this month is gonna be quite eventful and I shall update you guys as and when possible. You all are invited for our House warming function for which I shall drop the details soon..:)