June 22, 2010


What a weekend was it!!! We both were busy as bee. As you can guess from the title we have shifted to a new rental house from the previous apartment (I get your point..Gruhapravesam is mostly done for once own house, but still we are looking at this as one more step nearer to that!!!). While living in the apartment, we felt the need of a bigger and quieter house and hence the shift.

For those who have shifted before might know how tedious this job is. It needs so much of planning and time management. We had organised the moving for yesterday (Monday) since the movers charged ridiculously lot for the weekends. We were not able to do much of packing during weekdays so we did the major part of it last Saturday and Sunday. Music and football entertained us mainly then.

Yesterday (21st June '10) morning we vacated our earlier apartment and moved to the new house. It has been painted all over and cleaned very well. It's a very spacious and well maintained house. We are in the process of unpacking and have almost finished setting up the kitchen and bathroom stuff. Remaining shall be done gradually.

We are very happy in our new place and cordially invite you all for the gruhapravesam for which the date and time shall be informed very soon. Watch out for this space!

I shall also upload photos of the house once we get rid of the cardboard boxes and butcher papers...lol..;)

Have a nice week.

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