July 8, 2010

Housewarming Party

After a great ordeal my hubby and I have setup the house and it's now fit to visit. On that note we are organising a small house warming party for our friends here this coming Saturday(10th July) from 4 pm onwards. It's basically a potluck and I am very much looking forward to it since this shall be the first potluck we are organising here.

We have kind of sorted out dishes that we shall be serving. I am keeping my fingers, toes everything crossed so that they all come out well. Usually my hubby as been the scapegoat for the dishes I make, but I cannot take that risk with the guests...;) Anyway I shall update you with the photos after the party.

I cordially invite you all for the same and looking forward to see you on Saturday at my place.

Have a nice rest of the week!


  1. All the best for the dishes Aishu :) And enjoy your house warming day ... I too wanna taste everything u prepare :P

  2. Hey Aishu, whats the menu from ur end ? Do let us know.

    Also one sincere advise (based on experience) dont try new dishes 1st time during a pot-luck :)

  3. Banu, thanks very much for your sincere wishes..:-) Plan a trip to Aus and I shall prepare spl dishes for you!

    @Sri, yup I shall certainly follow that rule. I am gonna make pakoras (for starter), roti and channa masala (for mains) and pal payasam (served cold for dessert). I am pretty confident in making these ones. Hope our guests like them too!