January 11, 2011

Back after a fun packed holiday!

Yup now you know why you didn't hear from me for the past 1 month! I had been to Chennai to visit my parents, relatives and stayed with my parents-in-law along with hubby at Singapore on the way back to Melbourne! I had a fantastic time meeting them all, to say the least!

Parents pampering, mom's delicious delicacies, aromatic filter coffee, thattai, polli,kalli+kootu, mavadu, mahali kizhangu, margazhi kutcheris and what not! The list is never ending. Spending quality time with parents, eating great tasting food, relaxing, meeting relatives, going to temples, shopping and sight seeing were the main agenda and were fulfilled thoroughly!

Not even a bit of me wanted to come back, but no holiday can be endless right, so here I am back to reality although I am happy to be back in a way, back to my routine, back to my own world..:-) We are in the middle of spring cleaning the house and sorting out the travel and shipped stuff. We are expected to get back to the routine in a week's time.

So spare me for few days to elaborate more on the holiday and watch out for this space for some Kodak moments too!

Have a great week ahead and a very happy new year to all you guys!

P.S: thattai: a type of savoury
polli: a type of sweet which looks like thick dosa
kalli+kootu: a recipe prepared on a festive occasion
mavadu: a pickle made of small unripe mangoes
mahali kizhangu: a white coloured pickle
margazhi kutcheri: a series of carnatic music concerts which happens during December

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  1. Glad you guys are back!!! The food sounds delicious :)