February 28, 2011

Weekend in beach, cricket, birthdays, movie and rest

It was a while since hubby and I went for a long drive. Thanks to the beautiful weather (bright clear sky and 27 deg C) last Saturday, we went to one of the world famous surfing beach in Philip Island called Woolamai Beach. The one and a half hour drive (one way) was worth it!

We strolled along the shore for a while enjoying the cold sea water. The waves were high enough to come upto our waist. After we stood in the water to our heart's content, we had some cheese and crackers for snacks and drove back to our house.

Yesterday's match was a sheer dissapointment. Luckily we saw only the first innings (yeah we are 5:30 hours ahead of IST) and slept with good hope that 338 was good enough for a comfortable win. It's always heartening to see "the little master" scoring the unstoppable 100+ which seemed effortless! But who could guess that it would end in a tie! When I saw the news today morning I was shattered to say the least! Anyway we didn't lose too. It was definitely a thrilling match from what i read from cricinfo.com and yahoo cricket. But it feels sad when such a big total deserved only a tie :(
Hoping for a clear victory for India in upcoming matches.

Saw "King's Speech" last weekend and whaaaatttttaaaa movie! IT IS A MUST WATCH. I mean it...if you haven't watched it, GO WATCH IT! Geoffery Rush and Colin Firth's acting is impeccable! It might look like an art movie but the storyline is just superb (simple yet deeeeeeeeep)! I am sure it's an Oscar material!

Hubby has been surprising me with a lot of new and innovative recipes and they have all tasted godly! I thoroughly enjoyed the fig+goat's cheese pizza, bruschetta+goat's cheese salad with herbs. Yup I cook too, don't get me wrong. It's just that we take turns and it is more apt if I put it this way that hubby likes cooking very much esp likes to try out new recipes. He liked my chettinad style kathirikai karakuzhambu as well.

Both my cute little nieces are celebrating their birthday this Feb, the elder celebrated early this month and the younger celebrates today! My love and hugs to kutty! Have a great birthday darling :)

Hope all is well at your end too. Have a pleasant week ahead!

P.S:  Chettinad style kathirikai karakuzhambu: A South Indian style spicy soup made with eggplant

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