February 20, 2010

"You can't handle the truth!!!"

This is the first time I have been tagged and thanks for that Banu :) As per this, I need to say "10 honest things" about me.
Sorry Banu I could not stick to 10..so "14 honest things about me"..I am very frank you see..;)

Scene 1: Court scene

The clerk calls out " Aishwarya varaar..varaar..varaar"
I step on to the box. Tensed, sweating all over!
The clerk asks me to swear on the Bhagavat Geetha and say " Whatever I am going to say is only truth and nothing else"
The lawyer clears his throat and.......

Scene 2: Where ever you are sitting now and reading my blog

I am not any distant relative of Mr. Harichandra, still I don't lie unless I am compelled to. You get the naalu-peeruku-nalladhu-panna kind of point right..;)

Ammaappaakka and hubby, I am sure you will not get surprised after reading this anyway, because you know me inside and out. For all others, my friends, cousins, relatives onnu vitta and rendu vitta etc., I am revealing my other side. Can you handle the truth?..lol..;)

Anyway straightaaah coming to the pointtttuuu!
  1. For GOK why I don't have a liking for odd and decimal numbers. Since school days, during maths test, when I used to get some odd number with decimal as the result, I PANICKED LIKE HELL! I have been scolded by my maths teacher (Mrs. Kalyani, one of my favourite) not to worry when the solution is anyway right! Again GOK ;)

  2. I can't stand any form of dirt. My hostel mates would have seen me sweeping my room quite often. Now don't think I am the cousin sister of "Monica" (as in F.R.I.E.N.D.S). I am just a believer of "Cleanliness is next to godliness".

  3. Suspense is something I can't tolerate. When I start reading a book, I quickly turn to the back cover to see if I can get some clues about the end. Cleverly, authors give an overview and not the climax. I know that the whole point is lost when I know it, but then its something inside me which can't take it!

  4. Even till end of 12th grade, I felt very uncomfortable wearing a dupatta on just one side. Now I can see you ROFL. Thanks to my akka, I overcame this. Now I just can't stop trying out clothes of all forms when I go shopping! Poor hubby..;)

  5. When I try solving maths/physics problems and don't succeed for a while, I desperately wish for the solution to simply appear miraculously. I know it's not the way it is supposed to work, but I can't keep scratching my head for long. I remember pestering my poor akka if I didn't get the solution. However, she would want me to keep trying but eventually this would take me to the verge of crying and howling. How silly right..;)

  6. Till date, I always take my time in getting ready. You must be thinking that since I would naturally take more time than my hubby w.r.t the "ladies-getting ready-rules" this is legal. But then, this was even when I was in hostel. Any outing, girls would ask me to shower and get ready first but alas, I was the last even then. Gosh, it is a lot of work man...!

  7. I always had a wrong notion that going to tuition was a disgrace till I joined my first tuition ever in 11th for Hindi. Definitely not because my Hindi was poor, but rather to refine my skills so that my total score in the 12th board exam didn't reduce because of language.  My amma tried so hard to convince me it was ok till the morning when the tuition was to start, and I finally overcame the feeling that I was committing a great blunder. I owe my good Hindi skills to my tuition teacher.

  8. I can't stop talking. Even when I did, my friends enquired if something went wrong! Perhaps this helps me to make friends without any inhibition.

  9. In spite of doing a lot of cultural activities, I still have a bit of stage fear. 

  10. I fight and also reconcile soon. Ok I get the logic that, instead, I needn't fight at all. Still, that instant rush of anger makes me quarrel. I am an ice breaker. "Both good and bad"

  11. I have acrophobia. Don't know to what degree but I feel so...;)

  12. Once I dislike a person for some reason, it's hard to change that opinion. I know it's a drawback and I am still working on that.

  13. Sensitive, get moved by movies easily. I even cried for the climax of Alaipayudhe picture. Imagine!!!

  14. Be it any sport (except when Indian cricket team is playing), I don't want others to support my favourite player/team playing, instead I want them to support the opponent (don't ask me the logic behind this). There is no fun if we don't have a kutthu sandai while the game is on.                                                                                                      
(Appa remember our fights when Steffi Graf (my favourite) played against Monica Seles (your favourite)???)

I hope I have done justice to this blog. Now its my turn to tag people.
                                                      My hubby

Have fun ;)

p.s: I just realised that my wedding date and Steffi Graf's birthday are the same, 14th June! Also I have stated 14 things here..Wow man...:))

Here you go with the translations:

"Varaar": Coming (This is how entry of every person is announced in court in TN, India)
"Bhagvat Geeta" : Holy epic, used like how Bible is in courts of western countries
"Harichandra" : According to Hindu mythology he was one who spoke nothing but truth
"naalu-peeruku-nalladhu-panna" : For the sake of 4 peoples' welfare (literal translation)
"onnu vitta and rendu vitta" : Distant relatives
"GOK" : God Only Knows
"dupatta" : scarf-like wrap around cloth, common in Indian women's wear 
"Alaipayudhe" : A Tamil movie
"kutthu sandai " : boxing (fighting in this context)


  1. It's a bit outdated...


    I don't eat meat anymore... and I have seen the Eiffel tower a couple of times... and I don't have my wisdom teeth anymore ;)

  2. Thats a very nice list Aishwarya.. I like the "peteru" translations at the end of every post.. :P

    Mine is kinda retro post.. http://theperceptivemind.blogspot.com/2009/04/25-things-about-me.html

    I can't pile up more to it, for the safety of audience :)