February 20, 2010

"Rose day 2010"

I apologize for delaying our "This day this year" V-day blog since I was simultaneously working on this blog too.  

So without any further delay, I'll tell you in short about our wonderful V-day eve experience since my hubby has done the laborious part of it, writing the same in detail in  his blog..hehe..;) 

Everybody likes surprises, don't you? I am no exception and my husband gave me one for the Valentine's Day! He didn't give me even a single clue till that Friday (12th Feb) when he gave me a copy of our travel plan.

Guess what??? He planned for a road trip on Saturday (13th Feb) to the Cape Paterson - Inverloch Coast Beach for our first V-day after marriage. Australia is very famous for its clear and beautiful surfing beaches. I was super excited, not that I was going to surf or swim but to go on a long romantic drive to the beach with my hubby on a clear, mildly warm day!
We had earlier exchanged gifts for V-day. He gave me a long, sleeveless dress (of course, I went with him to shop). I just loved it. I gave him our wedding photo framed, a greeting card and his favourite Ferrero Rocher chocolate box. 

I gave this to my hubby.

 This is the dress my hubby gifted me.

We thoroughly enjoyed the road trip. Thank you sweetheart for the wonderful surprise. Plz note I welcome many such surprises in future too..;-)

You can read about our road trip in detail here and see all the photos here.

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