March 16, 2010

IPL means Shivaratri for me !

Yeah you read it right..IPL means Shivaratri for me. IPL, the most awaited cricket matches have begun. I am lucky to watch the matches on the free local TV channel here.

I enjoyed watching the last year IPL matches at home in Chennai. It was during the time I resigned my job and stayed with my parents till my marriage. I used to message my hubby(fiance then) in Melbourne to watch CSK matches (Luckily both of us are supporters of CSK though his all time favourite Sachin plays for Mumbai Indians), but due to the time difference of 5:30 hours ( it is quite annoying at times), he was not able to watch most of them except during the weekends. Imagine you work all day, come back home, wait till the match to begin at an ungodly time like 1:30 A.M, watch the match till 5 or so, sleep again (which is out of question) till 6:30-7, go back to office by 8:30. I felt sorry for me. Now he has a company!

Being true supporters of CSK, we both didnt mind the time difference to watch the first match of CSK against DC. So we planned to have dinner by 7:30, sleep by 9 so that we can sleep atleast for 3-4 hours before the match starts. Thanks to the alaram, we got up dozzing, switched on the TV, laid on the couch and managed to watch the match with atmost concentration. A cup of hot coffee helped my eyes from closing. (hope the Shivaratri point is clear)

I don't want to discuss about the way CSK lost pathetically to their neighbours. I was on my nerves watching Mr.Tyagi generously giving way valubles runs to the opponent (21.27..whatttttaaaa economy!). Anyway we were still hoping that 191 is not an unachievable total for CSK and hence continued to watch the second innings with a brave heart! Hmmm disaster ke ooper disaster. We were still hoping that Dhoni would make some miracle happen, but after the 5th wicket down at 3:30 AM, we both unanimously decided that it was high time we switched off the TV and went back to bed to give our poor soul some sleep! I was left with a headache the whole of yesterday, prize for my faithfulness..;(

I still checked  yesterday with a small ray of hope, but alas..;(

Today it is CSK vs KKR. We are still deliberating whether to watch the live telecast at 1:30 EST or the delayed telecast tomorrow evening at a very convenient time of 5:30 EST. But the madrasi within me will not let me sleep today without seeing the match. Hmmm lets see.

I am keeping my fingers, toes and everything crossed for a decent game by CSKs. KKRs are playing like the world is coming to an end tomorrow winning all 2 games played as of now (FYI: KKR was down below in the league table in the last 2 IPLs).

Mr.Dhoni and co please don't wipe off the hope in me.

Good luck CSK!

disaster ke ooper disaster: Its English+Hindi meaning extreme ruin
madrasi: A person from Madras (now Chennai)


  1. Aishu... i cannot believe that u watch CSK match waking up at 1.30 am. omg, such an odd hour and such a pathetic match... i feel sorry for u dear. Yes, I feel like going and squeezing Tyagi to the throat at the end of his over.

    Today we should win the match. I cannot lift my heads a little even in this Telugu land coz of this CSK. Chk out me at the grounds in the last match of CSK.

  2. Yeah Banu..the CSKs have heard us...we won!!!