June 7, 2011

A trip to the HaNgInG MoUnTaInS

Off late we haven't been doing much outing thanks to the cold weather. But enough was enough and so planned a trip to the Hanging Rock at Mt Macedon last weekend. It was a good 2 hour drive from our place. Since I haven't got my full license yet, I didn't offer to share the driving. We started after having breakfast and reached Woodened suburb around noon. After collecting some maps from the very friendly people at '"I", we proceeded to have some quick lunch.

While going around the entire market area I could find it a lot different from the suburbs where we stay. It had more of a "country touch" to it. People there seemed to be very friendly, pleasant and laid back. I could hardly find anyone walking quickly let alone rushing to do anything. It certainly made us think of settling in such a country side at some point of our life. Having said that, it also made me think about the choices we had for earning a livelihood there! So after a good search we ended up having lunch at Maloa House, a gourmet cafe which not only served food, but also had an interesting concept of selling household speciality items like cushions, scented candles, back drops, cutleries, wines and wholesale food, all under one roof! It was one of its own kind and I went around looking at them by the time our food was served. The things were a bit pricey, but making food stuff preservative and artificial colour free with gourmet and fresh produce made that difference. After a lovely lunch we headed upto the main attraction "The Hanging Rock". You can read more about that here.

Since no vehicles were allowed to the top, we parked our car and set on foot to see this beautiful rock formation formed from the volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. We took the summit walk which was a good 1 hr walk in total. On our way to the top, we saw many huge eucalyptus and fern trees. We walked and climed through these rock structures and reached the top which is about 718 metres from sea level. Thankfully it was a pleasant day with no rain. Enjoying the panaromic view from there, we clicked few pics to mark our visit.

After returning to the start point, we quenched our thirst with some hot chocolate. Know for its flora and fauna we spotted a kangaroo too once we came out to the car park. From there we drove to the Camel's hump lookout which is even higher than the fomer, 1000 metres from sea level. From there we could see the Mt Macedon.

Having finished seeing what we had planned, we drove back home via city were we stopped at the Federation Square (a popular spot in city) for some good hot dinner and called it a day! Looking forward to more such day trips (it's too cold to have a whole day trip in this winter).

On a different note, WE are celebrating our 2nd year of togetherness this coming 14th. Hurray!!! To make that day all the more special, I am giving my driving test too!!! Please pray for me to have a double dhamaka ;) Watch out this space for a special post about those in the coming weeks :)

Have a pleasant week ahead. Chao :)


  1. Awesome trip..what fun na..here we are sweating in the heat and there you go talking about cold weather and hot chocolate :)

  2. @ RM, You must plan a trip with RD when he is in Australia on OD.