July 25, 2011

I wish I could give a solid reason...

...as to why I didn't blog for all this while, but since I dont (laziness if that counts ;p), I am not dragging any further and coming straight to the point. Besides managing the cold, rainy and windy winter, Hubby and I are doing well. It's funny because I didnt mind the winter so much when I initially moved to Melbourne in 2009. Believe me or not I used to be fine with just normal t-shirts and track pants on at home. It's not the same anymore. It has taken me 2 winters to feel it..wah!

As I had mentioned in my previous post, we did end up having a DOUBLE DHAMAKA..yay! I passed my driving test in the FIRST shot and got my full drivers license (which is a big deal here by the way) after so many weeks of practise and money being spent on the driving classes and also we celebrated our 2nd anniversary on 14th last month. Both set of parents, relatives and friends were jubiliant to know that I passed the test! You must have seen all the phone calls and text messages flying ;) Hubby is now getting to experience "getting dropped off at work" which he has been wanting for over a year now.

Both of us took leave that day being a Tuesday. The day started with my driving test in the morning, after which we had a simple lunch since we had an 8 course meal waiting for us for the dinner! In the evening we drove to the Shiva Vishnu temple and then to the city to have our culinary feast at Ezard. My gosh, whaatttaaaa dinner! It was an 8 course tasting menu and we were just awed at the complexity, standard and taste of the food. No wonder it is a 3 hat chef restaurant. It was the first time we ate a tasting course meal and we thoroughly enjoyed it!

I was this close to taking pictures of the food, but didn't want to look wierd amidst the elite group of fellow diners. Anyway you can get a glimpse of the food that is served here in this. Though the size of the meal look small, believe me by the 8th course you will not have space even for a grain of rice! It was an experience on its own and well worth the bucks we paid! With all our senses enticed with such quality food, we drove back home after looking around the city's night life for a while.

On a different note, hubby and I had our first V-line experience few weeks back. V-line is the train service of regional Victoria which we have been wanting to try for a long time and so it was to Geelong this time. It was an hour journey one way. Once after leaving the city outskirts, till reaching Geelong, there wasn't much on the way at all, almost nothing except for vast barren lands and few houses here and there. Having said that we are beaing told that the city has been vastly expanding from what it was 5 year back! Reaching there, we walked a bit and reached the Geelong waterfront. Though it was bit cloudy and cold (I know not a great combination but be thankful that it didn't rain!) we enjoyed the walk along the waterfront and the pier. Inspite of such a weather, there were people going on helicopter and sea plane rides.

After looking at the-not-so busy-life in there and serene locality and more importantly beautiful houses overlooking the coast, hubby was very much determined to buy a house there in future, mostly one for a holiday retreat purpose which I would welcome the most..hehe ;) After spending few hours at the waterfront, we went in search of a good cafe for some afternoon tea. Glad that we went to this place called Panache. I was just amused at the range of crepes, cakes and pasteries they offered and the crowd it attracted. We very much enjoyed our orange poppy seed cake with cream and fruits and hot cappuccino! Around 5 we hopped on the train back to city and called it a day! On the whole it was a weekend well spent. We would like to take the Vline to go to Ballarat once the weather improves.

Otherwise the MM house is doing well and work keeps us busy as usual. Hope all is well at your end too. See you soon :)


  1. Congrats on the test passing..and 8 course meal!! bah I am so so jealous..!!!

    R's Mom

  2. Congratulations on having a driver's license!!! :) And that dinner sounds really yummy! :) Glad to know you guys are doing well :)

  3. nice aishu.. so next time when you are in chennai we can trust you and come for a drive.. :).. congrats..

  4. @Anu: Oh yeah for sure, but let us not have Advika to start with ;)