January 22, 2010

Deuce, Advantage, Game, Set...

You must be knowing where all these terminologies are used..yes TENNIS..and this season is the Australian Open tennis tournament. My hubby and I like to watch tennis (in fact my hubby had represented his school in Singapore) and we cannot afford to miss watching atleast a few matches when its played just a few stations away from our place.

So we had booked our tickets long back...eagerly waiting for tomorrow. We have got the day pass which means we can watch matches in all the courts except the Rod Laver and HiSense. Never mind..We wanted to have a feel of the Grand Slam and we shall have it!

If we are lucky enough we may be seeing Leander Paes tomorrow in the men's doubles match. Here is where comes the use of our Indian flag which my hubby has preserved it all this while and even brought it to Melbourne! (yes desabhakthi) Watch out for my hubby and I holding the big Indian flag somewhere in the stadium if you happen to watch this match on the tele. Apart from that I am praying that I should see as many seeded players as possible. If you wanna have a look at tomorrow's schedule, look here.

I shall get back to you with lots of photos and my first experience of witnessing Grand Slam very soon. Till then keep your fingers crossed that our Indian players keep winning through all the rounds. Jai Hind!


  1. hai dear,
    Very nice that you have started blogging.Continue to do on all possible occasion.
    Have a nice time viewing the tennis match,live in Australia ,really a good opportunity.enjoy!

  2. be careful with the flag-plan...i hope your display of patriotism doesn't cause any issues with the Aussie folks (due to the recent strained atmosphere).