January 27, 2010

My First BBQ

26th January...Republic Day in India. I was reminded of those good old days when I used to go to school early in the morning, dressed in white and white uniform, white ribbon tied to my hair, a small India badge pinned to my shirt. Feeling a bit sleepy I would reach school and join the music troupe to sing the patriotic song in the school assembly. The National flag would be hoisted, a chief guest would be invited to give a talk and we all would be waiting for the speech to get over so that we could get back home and continue our sleep..;-p

All students would be given small packet of laddoo and we would rush to our school bus. I would usually finish the laddoo in bus itself because I would be super hungry. It used to be packet of chocolates at times instead of laddoo.

Hmmm those days were fun..how carefree I was.

So it's my first Republic day away from India and coincidentally its a national holiday here too for its Australian day here. Its one of those "Thanksgiving Day" kinda controversial day which is celebrated in a very happy mood much to the opposite of what actually happened on that day. To read more about Australia Day, have a look at this.

It is a tradition here to have a barbecue on Australia Day. Much to my surprise, I didn't find any flag hoisting and parade unlike how it is in our country. Then I understood..that that country, that that tradition! hmmm...

My hubby and I also followed the tradition by attending a BBQ at his colleague's place. This was my first BBQ unlike for my hubby who has attended many BBQs when he was in Amrika!

As planned we left home to our colleague's place in Kensington which is quite far (almost 1:30 hrs travel in train) from our place. There was already another colleague of my hubby there when we reached around noon. After waiting for the rest of the guests to come, the BBQ was lit. I was quite excited to see how the food was cooked in that. The host had rented a very nice piece of BBQ and it did do a good job. We had taken along with us a salad and some drinks. Me being a vegetarian (except for egg at times), I was provided with vegetable burgers and sausages apart from the salads, chick pea salad, bread, cheese cake, cream cake, fruit platter, chutney, soft drinks etc. We were 14 in all and everyone brought some food. So there was a lot of fooood...;)

I spent most of my time standing near the BBQ and even trying my hand on it at times.

I met some of my hubby's colleagues and their families whom I hadn't met before. There were 2 kids of my hubby's boss, the boy 4 years old and girl 5. So you can imagine how the atomosphere would have been. Yes shouting, howling, running, jumping playing all over. They kept the environment quite lively. We had very good food and had nice chat with all of them.

After a few of them left, my hubby, his close colleagues and I had a chat for some more time. It was around 5 when we thought we should leave to reach home before the Aussie Open Quarter finals between Nadal and Andy Murray started.

We reached home at around 6:30 and sat down to watch the match. Unlike other matches, both of us supported the same player, Murray. He played a fantabulous match against Nadal against whom it is not that easy. Losing the first 2 sets straight by itself was very unusual of Nadal and finally his knee didn't co-operate with him any more. I didn't want Murray to win like this, but I am happy that he won. Sometimes it's nice to see some one else other than Federer and Nadal winning (for a change ya!). Let's see who gets to play with Federer in the finals.

After the match got over around 10:30, we went to bed and called it a day. On the whole, we celebrated our 60th Republic day in a different but enjoyable way. You can find the BBQ lunch photos here.

p.s: "laddoo" : A sweet yellowish orange in colour and spherical in shape.


  1. maybe you should have walked home after the BBQ ;-)

  2. Thank you for the ps! :) Love.

  3. Haha.. that would not have been a bad idea if our colleague's home was near to our place!

  4. nice one for the start Aishu:)

  5. hey a nice one for a start:)