January 21, 2010


Finally..I have started blogging! Wow its such a nice feeling to pen down your own ideas in your own way..! I have always thought about blogging but something made be feel like, "why should I blog?", "what will I write?", "who will read?", "if at all I blog will it be worth reading by others?", "will people like my blog?"...blah blah blah...Even when my hubby said "Why dont you try blogging? Its fun" I said I shall think about it. OK OK i hear from somewhere "big deal..why do you need to think so much..just blog..end of story!"

A big thanks to
my hubby, Sary, Boo, Blogeswari who inspired me to start blogging. And a special nandri to my akka (I know you heard it right."akka"..might sound wierd at this century..but I like calling her so) who sent me the blog links of Boo, Blogeswari and many more for me to read when i get time.

So here I am writing my first blog. I have so much to write about. I shall write them one after another as i get the flow.

May be I shall start with the story about how I started blogging. Fine..I get the picture of you guys almost dozzing to sleep with a kurattai when I say STORY..but its not that boring..may be give it a try ;)

I am a pretty newly married ponnu (about 6 months) who moved to Melbourne, Australia with my hubby after marriage. This is my first time to stay away from parents, away from India and away from many many more things. I was bit homesick, nervous about my new phase of life, having "what next" kinda feeling. So I was initially getting adjusted to the new life style, new place, people etc staying at home. I used to wake up, make breakfast, send my hubby to office, go to a near by park, do some jogging (fine..walking + jogging), do household chores, talk to amma through skype (wah what a varaprasadham for all of us who are outside India la), browse for a while, watch tv, read books, start thinking about what to cook for dinner, look into few cooking websites and finally make up my mind, finish making dinner almost when my hubby comes back from work, talk for sometime, have dinner, watch tv and then go to bed. Time just rolled..

Then the career woman (just to add, I was working in Baroda, India before i got married ) in me gradually felt like i was not keeping myself busy, so started the velai thedufying phase. Appadiyo, "campus placement is a boon" i realise now.. Anyway I am greateful enough to find a volunteer fellowship in a research lab here. Though I am not getting paid, I feel like I am occupied in a better way. So I am happy doing this.

During this period I felt like why not I try blogging since I felt like lot of things have happened and are happening in my life that I needed to keep an account of them for my sake so that sometime later it might be fun to read them and today for the same reason its special for me.

So this is my first day in the blogger world. Happy Birthday "MelbourneMangai"

p.s: For all those readres who are not that well versed in Tamil here are the translations:

"melbournemangai" : Lady staying in Melbourne
"nandri": Thanks
"akka" : Sister
"kurattai" : Yawn
"ponnu" : Girl
"amma" : Mother
"varaprasadham" : Boon
"velai theudfying" : Looking for job
"Appadiyo" : Sighing like "thank god"


  1. Yay! But you have to start translating all those words (maybe put a list at the end for your non-Indian friends to learn!) :)

    I may start taking a hindi script class this semester! :)

  2. Not bad for a first post :)

  3. Hey Sary,
    Hope the translations help you understand them better.